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4 Reasons to Mail with Conformer® Document Mailers

Are you looking to mail documents? There are plenty of different mailing products out there; however, many can’t compete with Conformer. Conformer paperboard document mailers provide an unmatched level of security than other envelopes or mailers on the market. Not only is it the best way to mail legal documents, but it’s an excellent option when mailing other important paper mail.

Your mailers and envelopes represent your business, and it’s essential that they arrive at their destination safely – especially when the documents are holding confidential information. At Conformer, we understand the importance of secure fulfillment, and we’ve dedicated our business to providing reliable, premium mailing products. 

At Conformer, we work with leading estate planning firms, real estate brokers, lawyers, financial advisors, and accountants, because we’re the most trusted company in the business when it comes to secure folder and mailer solutions.

4 Reasons to Use Conformer Document Mailers

  1. Conformer Document Mailers Offer An Unparalleled, Customizable Design Option

Trust us when we say that your mail doesn’t have to be boring – unless you want it to be, that is. Your mailer is the sleeve that holds important documents inside, and we’re here to help you make a great first impression on your clients and customers. Shop between three finish options: gloss, satin, and matte. We also have embossed and foil stamping for a custom-feel finish. 

Get creative while choosing your mailing experience and begin customizing and designing our wide variety of gorgeous mailers to feature your logo and contact information. Each mailer can be used as an extension of your brand and as a marketing piece for your company. 

We even offer foil stamping, so you can completely customize your mailing experience. When we said that we’ve thought of everything, we meant that we thought of everything.

  1. Our Paperboard Mailers are Extra Durable

When it comes to durability, Conformer is unparalleled. We’ve taken the extra steps and precautions to ensure that your documents will reach their destination unscathed. We’ve created mailing options that are suitable for both low and high-capacity needs, so regardless of what you’re mailing, we have a mailer option for you. 

Our document mailers feature a unique design that allows them to expand when needed. So whether you’re sending a few sheets of paper or a thick stack of documents, our mailers can accommodate your needs. This ensures that your documents arrive wrinkle-free and in excellent condition, regardless of how far they’re travelling.

Featuring a self-seal closure and nylon tear strip for easy opening and extra security, Conformer document mailers let you rest assured that your brochures, forms, contracts, or other papers won’t get displaced or mixed up while in transit. This is the perfect addition for any legal documents that may be getting sent via letter mail.

  1. Shop From A Variety of Document Mailer and Presentation Folder Options

Mailing isn’t one-size-fits-all and your mailers shouldn’t be either. That’s why at Conformer, we have a wide variety of different mailing options. 

When you’re getting ready to mail documents, you can shop from a wide variety of presentation folders and document mailers. We offer a vast selection of mailing options for you to choose from, so you could trust Conformer for all of your mailing needs.

  1. Each Document Mailer is Environmentally-Friendly

Just because we offer luxury and custom high-end mailing products, doesn’t mean we haven’t considered eco-friendly options as well. At Conformer, we’ve done our part to minimize our impact on the environment without sacrificing the most secure, professional mailing products on the market. Each of our mailers is environmentally friendly and made from 10-100% post-consumer recycled fiber. 

Furthermore, we’re Forest Stewardship Council-certified, which essentially means that we’ve gone to great lengths to provide luxury mailing products with a small carbon footprint.

There you have it, four of our favourite reasons why you should send your documents out with Conformer mailers. Are you convinced yet? Just browse our selection on our website and get shopping!

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