Where Art and Business Meet: The Ultimate Guide to Conformer Presentation Folder Styles

Printed marketing materials may seem like a thing of the past, but they have a stronghold in today’s business world. A personal touch is more important now than ever before and your business needs to set itself apart with the level of quality and professionalism it shows. And what better way to do that than with custom printed presentation folders? 

High-end businesses and organizations offering premium, specialty and luxury products and services have long depended on presentation folders to make their mark and secure their relationships with their clients. Investing in branded presentation folders allows you to provide a personal touch and truly showcase the quality of your work enclosed.

Why Are Presentation Folder Styles Important?

Specialty custom presentation folder

Presentation Folders Look Professional

Whether you’re meeting with new clients, stakeholders or a business partner, it is always important to look professional. Customized presentation folders help you organize your documents and allow you to present your ideas in a coherent way. 

Conformer Presentation Folders feature high-quality and innovative designs. They come pre-folded, assembled and ready to go. Make a lasting impression at business meetings, conferences and presentations with your own presentation folder style.

Specialty Presentation Folders Represent Your Brand

Going the extra mile for your brand is a great way to promote yourself and your brand value

With Conformer, you can choose a presentation folder style that suits your needs and upload your own artwork, including fonts and logos.

Custom Presentation Folders Add a Personal Touch

There are a few things to consider before choosing a presentation folder style. At Conformer®, we have 6 presentation folder styles available. 

You can choose these based on your preferences for double pockets or single pockets on the right or left side of your folder. Conformer uses FSC or SFI certified sustainable materials and allows you to choose from linen or paperboard. 

After picking your template, you can pick from a variety of premium customization and printing options including:

  • Foil stamping or printed ink
  • Business car slip options
  • Optional front cover window
  • Customized design where you can upload your own artwork

Conformer presentation folder styles include:

Reinforced Presentation Folder - Two Pockets
This type of presentation folder is excellent for holding and organizing your marketing and promotional materials. They’re reinforced with double-thick edges that make them heavy-duty and stay flat when the capacity increases. Our Reinforced Presentation Folder is durable, clean and stops fraying.
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Classic Conformer Presentation Folder - Two Pockets
The Classic Conformer Folder is great for customization. You can include your artwork with a personalized name, font or logo. This folder has two pockets on both sides giving you organizational space for your documents.
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Classic Conformer Tax Folder - One Left Pocket
The Tax Folder is great for accountants looking to bring a professional edge to their business. This specific design was created to work with traditional ACCO style binder clips. It’s important to hold your documents in place when you fasten your folder to keep tax and confidential information safe.
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Legal-Sized Conformer Presentation Folder - Two Pockets
These legal-sized presentation folders are perfect for lawyers, accountants and real estate agents that prioritize looking the part. They’re made from high-quality linen stocks and you can customize your folder with our foil stamps.
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Reinforced Legal-Sized Presentation Folder - Two Pockets
These legal-sized reinforced folders are great for attorneys, real estate brokers and financial advisors. They have double-thick edges making them durable and sturdy. Pockets on both the left and right sides give you more room to hold your documents.
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Single Right Pocket Folder
The single pocket folder is great for clients looking to add more marketing messaging, images and designs on their folders. With one less pocket, you have more room to add personal touches.
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People notice the small details and using a presentation folder style that represents your business and personality shows you value your clients. At Conformer, you can have all the creative control and design a presentation folder that works for you. You can Browse our Best-Selling Conformer® Presentation Folders here!

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